Kannur varsity V-C toes SFI line, not to withdraw RSS ideologues’ books

┬áKannur University Vice Chancellor Gopinath Ravindran on Friday broke his silence and echoed the line of CPI-M backed Students Federation of India (SFI) Union’s view that there was no need to withdraw books of prominent RSS ideologues in the curriculum of the newly started Master’s course in Public Administration.

But CPI Rajya Sabha member Binoy Viswan strongly opposed this and called for all to unite and see that this does not happen.

The books that have been cleared for study include those of M.S. Golwalkar, Veer Savarkar and Deendayal Upadhyaya.

These books are included for study in the third semester of the MA Public Administration course. At present this course is offered only at the Government Brennen College in Tellicherry in Kannur district.

Along with them are books of Rabindranath Tagore, Gandhi, Nehru and other such towering personalities.

Ravindran’s statement came at a time when barring the SFI, most of the Left leaning and Congress-led Opposition student organisations are up in arms demanding the withdrawal of the syllabus.

Ravindran said, “It’s the ideology of these writers which is being practised by the party that rules the country and students should know what it is. It’s a sort of Talibanisation, if one says if you do not agree with something it should not be read or taught,” said Ravindran.

He further stated that after this issue surfaced, he went through the book and two things he found out was that there is no saffronisation as claimed, and just because someone doesn’t like it, it should not be taught is something I don’t agree with.”

Meanwhile, the State Higher Education Minister R. Bindhu told the media here on Friday that this was a sensitive issue and “we have asked for an official statement from the Vice Chancellor (Ravindran).

“So let us wait for his response and then will decide on what needs to be done,” said Bindhu.

Chairman of Kannur University students union M.K. Hassan, who belongs to the SFI, said that even in the Jawaharlal Nehru University the books of these RSS ideologues are being taught.

“Things are very clear, be it the Bible or any other literature, only if one reads and understands what it is can one learn things and then make opinions. We are organising a deliberation on this aspect and we invite everyone to come and share their views,” said Hassan.