Kannada writer threatened for questioning Hindu rituals

Bengaluru: Kannada writer Chethana Thirthahalli has been threatened with dire consequences on the social media after she endorsed beef consumption and questioned Hindu rituals.

“I have been receiving threats from some fundamentalist. In the threat, it was mentioned that I should not write anything critical about Hinduism and about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After I have endorsed beef eating and participated in town hall protest, they even threatened me for life. So, I thought of lodging complaint and I did it,” said Thirthahalli.

“They have done this through Facebook inbox; they have created many fake accounts. Madhusudan Gowda is a person who has sent (the threat) through his own id and other people kept sending through their fake ids,” she added

Thirthahalli has lodged a complaint with the Hanumanthnagar Police Station in Bengaluru, seeking action against Gowda, for threatening her.

Thirthahalli further said that Gowda kept threatening her even after the complain.

Thirthahalli, who has written articles in various publications questioning the Hindu customs, recently took part in a rally to support beef consumption.

Another writer R.K. Hudugi while commenting on the incident said the writers are being threatened with dire consequences and this is another new incident in the same series.

“The lady, who has been threatened, has lodged a complaint. This all speaks about the law and order that has taken a new turn. And the government has been taking all the precautionary measures and the police department is all alert even then the communal forces are all active. The people in the cultural field should condemn it in the serious term,” he added. (ANI)