Is Kangana losing perception battle?

New Delhi : While the legal outcome of the Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut war is still awaited, the ‘Queen’ star seems to be losing ground in terms of perception.

Media watchers are terming it as ” domino effect of negativity” because it’s not just one, but multiple things that are negatively impacting her image. The latest being Ranbir Kapoor’s displeasure at being linked with her.

The story of Ranbir being furious over his link-up rumours with Kangana took the digital universe by storm and was one of the most widely reported news of the recent times.

“Digital and social media follows a certain pattern. Once a person is caught on uncertain grounds the negativity just compounds and becomes cyclical. It just may be a temporary thing but it is very intense. Kangana is caught in the tidal waves of general dislike on the Digital front,” says Anshul Garg, a research scholar and professor of Media Studies.

Recently, Society magazine carried a cover story on how Kangana’s obsessive relationships over a period of time can impact her career. The story backs her as a talented actress, but very damagingly paints her as an unstable person, who has a strong obsessive streak.

Few days back, actress Raveena Tandon wrote a column for a daily on the ongoing Kangana-Hrithik row, but the article was misinterpreted and reported by many online portals as Raveena’s support to Kangana.

However, the “Mohra” star later sent out a strong clarification, stating “Not taking anyone particular side-generic, anyone who is victim of falsehood, now can present their own case – boy or girl.”

Garg added, “Twitter is taken to be the sentiment meter in media universe and as of now it’s strongly against her. And now the issue is that there is no single source of trouble but multiple issues are going against her.” (ANI)