Kambli justifies wife’s action against Ankit Tiwari’s father

Mumbai: Few hours after Bollywood singer Ankit Tiwari’s father filed a police complaint against Vinod Kambli’s wife for allegedly assaulting him in a Mumbai mall, the former Indian cricketer hit back over the same and said that his wife acted appropriately.

“I was in a kid section with my family when this guy walked besides my wife and touched her inappropriately from behind. She immediately caught him and slapped him. She just reciprocated,” Kambli revealed.

He alleged that the person’s sons, later, started questioning his wife Andrea Hewitt and behaved in an unfitting matter.

Kambli further stated that while he tried to intervene, they threatened him saying, “Do you know who we are”?

The former cricketer said that he and his wife have recorded their statements with the police and have also lodged an FIR against Ankit Tiwari’s father Raj Kumar Tiwari .

Earlier, Ankit’s father filed a complaint at the Bangur Nagar Police claiming that Kambli’s wife Hewitt allegedly punched him in a Mumbai mall.

According to him, Hewitt did not stop there and even took off her sandals to beat the 59-year-old.

The Bangur Nagar Police are now investigating the matter and will take further action after their preliminary investigations.

No arrest has been made so far in the case.