Kamal Hassan’s candid Interview reveals he was offered ‘Rs 100 crores from a party’

NEW DELHI: Kamal Hassan the renowned star of yesteryear entered politics after his five-decades cinema career but his journey from being yesteryear’s actor to today’s outspoken politician was not a smooth one.

He attracted the attention of many but he was taken as a critic and an enemy of those who did not like to hear the truth or wanted the nation to remain deaf and blind towards reality.

Speaking at an interview with New Indian Express, the actor turned politician starts taking with his party Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM).

It is been 100 days so far and the party without any funds have done pretty well says, Kamal. Out of the eight villages the party chose who need attention, these villages have an inadequate power supply, water facilities, and the list goes on.

Though you can find numerous TASMAC shops, it is hard to find a small pharmacy or even a post office in these villages and that is the real situation in these villages he says.

When asked if he is converting his huge fan base into a political unit, Kamal said, the government is making attempts in stopping me from attending schools, colleges and even from interacting with students where he intends to enlighten the younger generation about the Politics.

Since children remain unknown about the real politics, it is easy to manipulate them and turn them into someone else. Politics starts from here, he says.

On being asked about the new app whistle app, Kamal said it’s a tool, which ensures problems actually do reach the concerned officials so that they can act upon it.

He says he is not a full-time politician since he had always been surrounded with criticism, the actor says he does need his own space but that does not mean he is no different from others.

He surely is one of his kind to help the common people and underprivileged man though other parties only do come to ask for votes but end up doing nothing in real for the common man.

Speaking about the corruption plague in Tamil Nadu State, the actor says, expecting to change the society in overnight is something not logical and possible. He says, there was this one instance, where one party offered him an amount of Rs 100 crores but he did not give into corruption rather he is raising funds for his own people.