Kamal Haasan “attacked Hindu beliefs and sentiments”, BJP to oppose his plans to enter politics

Kamal Haasan “attacked Hindu beliefs and sentiments”, BJP to oppose his plans to enter politics

Pudukottai/Chennai: The BJP is against actor Kamal Haasan’s reported plans to enter politics as he is an atheist and has hurt sentiments of Hindus in the past, senior party leader H Raja said today.

Speaking to reporters in Pudukottai, Raja said the BJP would oppose Haasan’s entry into politics as the actor is an “atheist to the core” and has “attacked Hindu beliefs and sentiments.”

The leader was replying to a question why the BJP which was welcoming superstar Rajinikanth’s plans to enter politics was against Haasan taking the plunge.

Besides, Haasan had openly expressed his wish to get out the state even for “minor problems” (faced by him during the release of his film ‘Viswaroopam’), he said.

“How can such a weak person enter politics,” he asked.

There is a difference between Haasan entering politics and Rajinikanth taking the plunge, Raja said, pointing out that the latter had not hurt the sentiments of any religion.

“Maybe people like his (Haasan) acting…but definitely not entering politics. Kamal Haasan claims that he entered politics during the anti-Hindi agitation…but nobody knows when he entered politics,” Raja said.

BJP’s state unit chief Tamilisai Soundararajan had yesterday taken a dig at the actor’s tweet on his possible entry into politics, wondering why the celebrity, “without doing any service to the people”, had a “sudden awakening” on entering the field.

Raja also slammed the actor for his criticism of the ruling AIADMK (Amma) government.

Haasan had reportedly said that there was corruption in various government departments of the state.

“The actor is biased…why is he not talking about corruption in the DMK,” he said.

Meanwhile, Soundarajan wondered why Haasan chose to speak now against the alleged corruption in the ruling regime and not in the past.

“There is nothing wrong in coming up with allegations of corruption, but what matters is the timing,” she told reporters at the Chennai airport.

Wondering if there were no similar charges of corruption in the past in Tamil Nadu, she asked why the actor had not spoken then.

“My accusation is that he has now started talking due to selfishness,” Soundarajan said.

On the actor’s allegation of corruption in giving tax exemption to films by the government, she asked why he had not spoken about it in the past and added he had never looked into things like that before.

Haasan had yesterday exhorted the public to digitally register instances of graft with the government.

with inputs from PTI