Kamaal Rashid Khan diagnosed with 3 stage stomach cancer

MUMBAI: Actor-producer Kamaal Rashid Khan, best known as KRK, is said to have been suffering from stage 3rd stomach cancer.

According to a statement from official Twitter handle by the name of KRKBOXOFFICE, the celebrity confirm the news regarding his health.

“It’s confirm that I have stomach cancer on 3rd stage, hence I will be alive for 1-2 years more. Now I won’t entertain anybody’s call who will try to make me feel that I am going to die soon. I don’t want to live with anybody’s sympathy even for a day. I will appreciate those people, who will continue to abuse me, hate me or love me like before only, and like a normal person only,” read the statement.


Concluding his emotional note on Twitter, the former Bigg Boss contestant says he wished to work with Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan or produce an A grade film.

He wrote on Twitter, “I am only sad for my two wishes, which I will not be able to fulfill.(1) I wanted to make an A grade film as a producer. (2) I wanted to work with Amitabh Bachchan ji in a film or produce a film with him. These Both of my wishes will die with me forever. Now I would love to spend my all time with my lovely family. Love you all, whether you hate me or love me. KRK. (sic)”.

The self-proclaimed film critic is often in news for his controversial tweets and statements on several Bollywood celebrities on social media.