‘Kali ho jayegi, koi shaadi nahi karega’: Sania Mirza recalls reactions of relatives when she took up tennis

Mumbai: Indian tennis star, Sania Mirza on Wednesday said that people mocked when she decided to play tennis. She also recalled how her parents supported her.

According to the report published in TOI, Ms. Sania said that she started playing tennis when she was 6-year-old.

Speaking after the launch of UN Women’s anthem, “Mujhe Haq Hai”, Ms. Sania said, “I came from a family full of cricketers, including my dad”.

Ms. Sania also recalled what her aunts and uncles commented when they came to know that she is going to play tennis. They commented, “Kali ho jayegi dekhna, koi shaadi nahi karega”, she said.

Talking about her father, she said, “I thought my dad is the greatest hero because he stood up against everyone and said that I don’t care. They use to mock my parents and say what do you think, that your daughter is going to become a Martina Hingis? The fate had it that I had to win three of my Grand Slams with Martina Hingis”.

Commenting on the inequality, she claimed, “Till today we fight for equal prize money, we have to justify why (as) a tennis player we should make the same prize money that the men do. So, that means this inequality is everywhere in this world, not just in this part of the world”.