Kajol says her daughter Nysa is ‘too young’ to have acting aspirations

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kajol says her daughter Nysa is too young to decide whether she wants to become an actor or not. She says her 13-year-old daughter is going through a phase of “no homework” and is not really thinking about anything else.

“She has no aspirations towards anything right now because she is too young. She is right now leaning towards no homework and vegetating on the sofa. She is in that space and enjoying and acting isnt on her mind,” Kajol told PTI.

Kajol, who also has a six-year-old son Yug with actor husband Ajay Devgn, says being a mother is much more difficult than being an actor as it requires absolute dedication. “It is easier being an actress than a mother. It is difficult (being a mother) because it is a full time job, you have to be mentally aware, be 100 percent there with your children at every moment. You learn new things from your kids everyday even in the process of teaching them,” she says.

She suggests when the kids are growing up, the attitude of parents has to change towards them and should have faith in the upbringing.”Over the years the kids dont change so much as your attitude towards them has to change. You have to start believing in your upbringing after a point. You have to believe youve done a good job so far, start trusting them to make the right decision.”

Kajol, as a kid, was never star-struck or shy because she comes from film family, “May be because I came from a film family, I was never nervous, shy or blushed in front of celebrities. Thats my personality. I was pretty much okay with most people. I never had the sense of being star struck.”

Recently, Kajol launched McVities cream biscuits, of which she is the brand ambassador. The actress claims she puts in a lot of thought before coming on board as the face of any brand.