Jyotish Nath hacked into Ali’s FB, post anti-India and pro-Pak slogans

GUWAHATI: In a big twist, investigation team identified the main mischief-maker who hacked his Muslim man’s Facebook account to post slogans against Hinduism and “offensive” comments against India.

According to investigation, it was revealed that one Jyotish Nath, having personal grudge had hacked into Ahedul Ali’s Facebook account and posted anti-India and pro-Pakistan slogans on it.

As per reports, tension gripped Sorbhog on June 3, after Ali, a poultry trader in Sarbhog in Assam’s Barpeta districta town in lower Assam was accused of posting those offensive comments.

Soon, the post went viral, triggering massive public outrage. Locals, believing Ali to have posted it, chased and set his livestock shop on fire shop.

Terrified Ali took shelter at a local police station and had revealed before the police that he is “not a technologically-savvy person to operate a Facebook account” further stating that “someone else has opened an account in his name.” He also denied writing those instigating comments.

But the enraged mob gheraoed the station demanding immediate action against Ali.

The police refused to release Ali and began investigating the case and on June 4, the police was found that the Facebook post was actually written by one Jyotish Nath, a Hindu, from Ali’s account.

Nath was immediately got arrested who admitted before the police of hacking Ali’s Facebook profile and misused for personal rivalry.

“Nath was the one who had created Ali’s Facebook account almost a year ago and he remembered the password. So he thought this would be the easiest way to take out his vendetta,” police said, reported Times Of India.

Incidentally, Ranjeet Kumar Dass, Assam state unit president of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)represents the Sorbhog constituency.

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