Juvenile slits mother’s throat over money issue

Hyderabad: A 12-year-old son killed his mother on Saturday night following a row over money. K. Renuka, 40, lived in a rented house in Shivlal Nagar, Mangalhat, with her son said police. After the death of Srinivas (woman’s husband) who died almost 10 years ago, mother and son duo earned their livelihood by picking rags and scrap and selling off the waste material.

Renuka took the money earned by her son but the boy did not want to give his mother his share of earnings and used to argue that he would like to keep his money and use it.

As reported by Deccan Chronicle, on Saturday, after they returned home, Renuka asked her son for the day’s earnings. The son refused to hand over the money which led to an argument between them. In a fit of rage, the boy took a knife from the kitchen and slit his mother’s throat. Renuka was found in a pool of blood by the neighbours the next day who alerted the police.