Justin Timberlake releases his new track ‘SoulMate’

Los Angeles: Singer Justin Timberlake released his new song titled “Soulmate”.

The actor, singer, and songwriter made that announcement alongside the release of a new track just one day before the Independence Day celebrations (Wednesday) starts off, reports entertainment weekly.com.

Titled “SoulMate”, the song marks a departure from the more country vibes of “Man in the Wood” and a return to Timberlake’s star-making dance bangers.

The song has a lively dance beat to it and the track is the first new music from Timberlake since his fifth solo album “Man of the Wood” back in January.

Timberlake is currently on his””Man of the Wood”” tour, which extends all the way into January 2019. Amidst of the world tour, he is still finding time to produce new music, including the new track which could be a contender to be the perfect soulmate for the popular title of “song of the summer”.