Justin Timberlake finds his music ‘explicit’ for son

London: Signer Justin Timberlake says he can’t let his 22-month-old son Silas listen to all his songs as some of them are explicit.

“I can’t play Silas a lot of my music yet because it is explicit,” Timberlake said.

The singer recalled how he called a parent “terrible” as he let his kid listen to “Sexy Back,” reported Digital Spy.

“I had a parent come up to me a couple of years ago and say, ‘my eight-year-old loves ‘SexyBack’,’ and I was like: ‘You’re a terrible parent! ‘SexyBack’ is not meant for your eight-year-old. You should feel bad about yourself!'” the 36-year-old singer said.

One song Silas is allowed to listen to, however, is Timberlake’s recent hit “Can’t Stop The Feeling”.