For Justin Bieber’s mom, Selena Gomez is ‘precious’

Washington: Looks like Selena Gomez is “precious” not only for Justin Bieber, but also for his mother, Pattie Mallette.

In an interview with People Magazine at the Justice Speaks Holiday Benefit Luncheon in L.A., Mallette had nothing but praise for the ‘Bad liar’ hit-maker, who has been dating her son on and off since 2010.

When asked about the rekindled relationship of the two, Mallette said, “I don’t know so much about their personal relationship because he doesn’t share a whole lot, but I love her.”

“I support anything [he does], if he loves her I love her, and I’ve met her and we have a special bond so I think she’s precious. I can’t really speak on their relationship, that’s between them,” she added.

The 23-year-old ‘Sorry’ hit-maker, who was in attendance at the Justice Speaks, was spotted wearing a white t-shirt, black pants, red sneakers and carried a Bible with him the whole time.

However, a source previously revealed that Bieber and Selena “are great and very happy” and the two wish to keep their romance in a “low-key” manner. (ANI)