Justin Bieber loves Selena Gomez’s new hairstyle

Los Angeles, Jun 9 (PTI) Singer-actress Selena Gomez sent the internet into a frenzy when she debuted her new hairstyle on social media.

Like the rest of us, her former boyfriend Justin Bieber also reportedly loves her new look.

“Justin thinks Selena looks super hot with bangs, he loves that hairstyle on her because it reminds him of when they were first together. He thinks she’s gorgeous no matter what but bangs are his favorite look on her, he’s sentimental,” a source close to the “What Do You Mean” hitmaker.

It’s Gomez’s hairstylist Marissa Marino who first uploaded a photo of the “Hands to Myself” singer rocking her new hairstyle.

She previously reveled that her hair influenced her energy while performing onstage.

“I feel like it just becomes part of what I’m singing about in a weird way, it’s like I can peak with conviction through my hair,” she said.

A lot of Gomez’s fans also expressed their love for her new hairstyle. One user wrote, “Selena Gomez I love your hair it’s so beautiful! !!” while another said, “I love her bangs tho.