Justin Bieber loses beer `shotgunning` competition

Washington .D.C., Sept. 14 : Looks like Justin Bieber is not good in shotgunning a Corona beer, as he was easily defeated by his pal during a pool party in Sin City.

Shotgunning is a means of consuming a beverage, particularly beer, very quickly by punching a hole in the side of the can, near the bottom, placing the mouth over the hole, and pulling the tab to open the top. The beer quickly drains, and is quickly consumed.

In a video posted to the 21-year-old singer’s Instagram page, he was seen having a shotgunning contest with friend Sam Shahidi, who easily defeated him, People Magazine reports.

The ‘Baby’ hit-maker captioned the video, “I lost but I didn’t go to college”.

Bieber attended a pool party in Las Vegas to support his friend Floyd Mayweather’s fight against Andre Berto at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. (ANI)