Justin Bieber gets another face tattoo

Washington: American singer Justin Bieber, a well-known tattoo aficionado, has got inked once again.
For the second time, he got the tattoo etched on his face.

Speaking to Page Six, tattoo artist Bang Bang aka Keith McCurdy confirmed the news and revealed that the ‘Baby’ singer is yet to go public with the new tattoo.

McCurdy also revealed that along with Justin, his new life partner Hailey Baldwin too got a tattoo.

He further said that the tattoo which Justin got etched on his face is “thin and delicate” and that it is located next to his eyebrow.

In July, Bieber had got his facial tattoo around his other eyebrow.
The artist further mentioned that more and more couples like Bieber and Baldwin are getting inked together, and that it is gradually becoming a trend.

Famous for his songs ‘Baby’, ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Sorry’, Bieber recently released a new music video ‘No Brainer’ along with DJ Khaled.