Justin Bieber draws mixed reactions to `fist fight joke`

London : Justin Bieber is gaining social media attention after he poked fun at his Cleveland fist fight on Instagram.

The 22-year-old singer, who recently posted two pictures and a video laughing off the incident, was both slammed and supported for doing so, reports the Daily Mail.

While some of the followers retorted, saying “What a wimp” and “ridiculous,” another fan commented, “that’s right, my love, never lower your head. You are strong!”

The reaction came after the ‘ Baby’ hit-maker posted two selfies, captioned “Not a scratch on this pretty boy” and “No hesitation,” on his Instagram account.

Clearly, referencing to Cleveland episode, Bieber also posted a video with his pal that got some laughs.

In the video, Bieber is heard asking, “Is that a fighting video? Because fighting’s not cool.” To which, his buddy replies, “I know. That’s why you don’t take on 6’5 guys.”

For the uninitiated, Bieber got into a brawl with a towering man after the third game of NBA finals on June 8, the video of which later went viral. (ANI)