Justin Bieber ‘doing better already’ post tour cancellation

Washington; After suddenly putting the brakes on his Purpose World Tour and retreating from the spotlight, Justin Bieber is “doing better already.”

A source revealed that the 23-year-old singer is hanging out in L.A. with friends, People Magazine reported.

The insider added that the ‘Baby’ hit-maker wrote the open letter as he was feeling really bad about disappointing many of his fans, but “still feels he made the right decision.”

After playing 150 concerts across 40 countries during the world tour, Bieber pulled the plug on the final 14 dates last month, citing “unforeseen circumstances.” The tour was his first since he returned to the music scene in 2015 after a lengthy hiatus.

“He started out in the business as a kid, but he is older now. He wants to have control over his life and health. He hasn’t been feeling well mentally for a while. Cancelling the tour was the right thing for him,” the source further said.

“He needed to take a break and just focus on himself. He is doing better already,” the insider continued. “He is focused on his spiritual journey. He wants to be stronger mentally.”

Earlier, Bieber offered an emotional apology to his fans and explained as to why he cancelled the remainder of his Purpose world tour, saying “I want my mind heart and soul to be sustainable.