Justice BG Kolse Patil exposes the conspiracies of ‘Brahmanwad’ led by RSS

Hyderabad: Justice BG Kolse Patil, a former judge of Bombay High Court, also among the one who has started the RSS Mukt Bharat Abhiyan, explains the role of Hindutva organisation RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) in dividing the country in the garb of protecting Hinduism.

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat said that Sangh can mobilise its workers to the border within 3 days and better organise themselves than the army standing on the frontiers.
It must be remembered that RSS had neither fought with the British, nor participated in any of the anti-British movements.

They only divided the country in the name of religion and caste, and spread communal riots.

Justice Kolse Patil clearly says “I can give you in written, again I say I can give you in written that undoubtedly RSS is the biggest enemy of India, we need to defeat the poisonous ideology of RSS on ideological level.”

He explains that RSS has nothing to do with Hinduism. He says that, whenever, the Brahmans or Brahmanism was in threat, they invited the foreign rulers into the country on the precondition that they (foreign rulers) do not interfere in the religion of the Brahmans.

From the invasion of Muhammad bin Qasim in 712 A.D till the colonial rule, if we see the history, it is clear how they invited Muhammad bin Qasim and said that he can rule the country as long as he can, on the precondition that he do not interfere in the religion of the Brahmans.

Eventually Delhi Sultanate and Mughal rule was established in India. The Brahmans had a clear understanding with these rulers that their religion (Brahmanism) would not be interfered.
The law during those days to administer the Hindu subjects was also based on the Manu Smrirti, which the Sangh Parivar keeps close to its chest. It was the same law book which was publicly burnt by Dr. B R Ambedakar because it discriminated people

Then during the British rule, V D Savarkar was with the British. Golwalkar, Hegdewar also allied with the British. They allied with the British in their divide and rule policy. Whenever, the supremacy of the Brahmans was in threat, they projected them as the problems of Hinduism.

Today also, the RSS and its other affiliated organisations, are neither worried about the problems of a common man, nor they are concerned about the problems-Poverty, unemployment, attacks on women, etc. that are plaguing our country.

These people did not hesitate to assassinate the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Nathuram Godse was affiliated with the Sangh organisation.

Whether it be the Kashmir issue, Problem of Pakistan or Mandir-Masjid issue, all these are raised by the Sangh organisations to protect the Brahmanic culture and their supremacy.

All these are done in the garb of protecting Hindu culture and religion, but the real motive is to safeguard Brahmanism.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, who usually speaks high about corruption during UPA government has to answer the public to whom he has promised of corruption-free government.

Narendra Modi was projected as non-corrupt and honest politician by the Indian and foreign media and also the Brahmanic organisation, particularly Sangh organisations. To some extent, they were successful in spreading the fake propaganda.

During the campaign for 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi, whether campaigning in any corner of the country, used to visit Ahmedabad daily. Nobody has questioned the expenses related to his campaigns and daily expensive travel expenditures.

If any scam comes out in public, the BJP is quick to blame the Congress but in Nirav Modi’s case it has happened after 2014.

The latest PNB scam by Nirav Modi, in fact the largest bank loot as alleged by the Congress, has happened under Modi’s rule.

From July 2016, the PMO received 42 complaints against Nirav Modi, yet no further action has been initiated against him. PM Modi thumps his 56 inch chest that “Main nahi Khaunga, aur kisiko Khaane nahi dunga”. But the latest banking scam proves that his claims are just an election gimmick and all the promises made were hollow.

When PM Modi was in Davos Summit in January, was he not aware about the complaints against Nirav Modi? Yet, Nirav Modi, on January 23, was seen in a photograph with PM Modi at Davos Summit.

It is not easy to access Prime Minister because the PMO scans all the delegates before they meet him. Yet, Nirav Modi had clear access to PM Modi, as said by Aam Aadmi Party. Just after the Davos Summit, Nirav Modi escaped on January 29.

Can PM Modi say that he was not aware of Nirav Modi and complaints against him?

It means that, after 2014, people who left the country defaulting huge bank loans, were successful in fleeing the country and it has happened under the nose of Modi.