Jupally Hits Out at Nagam, Revanth on Projects Issue

Panchayatraj Minister Jupally Krishna Rao has alleged that Mahabubnagar district leaders—Dr Nagam Janardhan Reddy and A Revanth Reddy were making unwanted noise on projects,  joining hands.

            Speaking to the media at Telangana Bhavan here on Sunday, Jupally alleged that both Nagam and Revanth were indulging  in blackmail politics and  deceiving the people. Both were hatching conspiracies with political motives, he alleged, saying it was not proper to obstruct the irrigation projects. The present situation of the Government  spending crores of rupees could not have  arisen  in case the previous governments constructed  the projects, he said. The government will construct the projects at any cost and in spite of opposition’s obstructions. People will teach a fitting lesson to the leaders obstructing the projects, he asserted.

            The Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao brought G.O.No.123 to assist  the land losers, Jupally said. The Chief Minister was offering open estimates for the land lost by the farmers. The Chief Minister was striving to make the Palamuru district a green one. The government was aiming to provide water to 18 lakh acre in Palamuru district. Chief Minister’s aim was to transform  Palamuru district as Konaseema, the Minister said. The TRS government was giving a compensation which no other  government was giving in the country, he said alleging that the previous governments had  not given compensation till now.

            Stating that both Revanth and Nagam never worked for the sake of people sincerely, Jupally said that they have no right to speak on irrigation projects. He opined that Revanth has  to tender apology to his constituency Kodangal people in case he had common sense. Stating that  Kodangal people will not excuse Revanth, Jupally said that land acquisition process for Narlapur project was over. He said that the government acquired 2500 acres of land by giving Rs.5.50lakh for acre. He said that the pending projects will be completed by this August and  water will be provided from August 15 onwards. He said that the projects would have completed much earlier in case the previous governments worked like the  TRS government. (NSS)