Junk diet makes you fat in just seven days

Washington: A new study has revealed that a junk food diet can damage your body in just a single week.

In the study, six men were fed 6,000 calories a day of pizza, burgers and other junk food and it took only two days for their bodies to show signs of serious diseases, The Mirror reports.

Out of the six men, three men were normal weight, three were overweight and none were obese or unhealthy.

Throughout the study all the participants were on bed rest and in a week, they had gained an average of 3.5kg and started showing signs of insulin resistance.

Researchers found that insulin ­resistance was a key component to type-2 diabetes.

Guenther Boden of Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia said their aim was to recreate the ‘average American’ diet and find out how it can lead to Type 2 diabetes.

Boden said that it was a regular-American diet, composed of pizzas, hamburgers and that sort of thing.

During the study, men gained an average of 3.5 kg and showed signs of insulin resistance as well as oxidative stress. (ANI)