Junior NTR a fitness enthusiast: Trainers

Florida-based fitness trainers John and Amber Shumate, who have been working closely with Telugu actor Junior NTR for nearly eight months now, say he is not only a committed artist but an equally committed fitness enthusiast.

“We have been working with him since February. He is very concerned about his fitness unlike other stars. He works in line with his fitness goals and that has impressed us a lot. We all know he is a star but we realized he is a fitness enthusiast too,” John told IANS.

“We work six days a week for more than an hour. He is keen on remaining lean, and therefore, we are working towards strengthening his muscles. He has been lifting lot of weights to achieve this goal. We think he has made great progress in the last few months,” he added.

John and Amber have settled in Hyderabad where they have been working with the actor everyday.

“We had to move here since we wanted to work with him closely. It’s been a great experience and we hope to work with other actors as well. For now, we are only concentrating on working with NTR because we are in a commitment,” said John.

Asked about the actor’s diet regimen, Amber said: “He is on a lot of lean proteins and is strictly following his diet in small portions at regular intervals. Lot of vegetables and fruits has also been included in his diet,” he added.