Julianne Moore to star in Stephen Kings’ ‘Lisey’s Story’

Washington: Julianne Moore will be starring in the adaptation of Stephen King’s 2006 book ‘Lisey’s Story’.
Apple has handed out an eight-episode straight to series order. The series will be titled the same as Stephen King’s book and Julianne will be the executive producer of the show, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

Stephen King, besides being the executive producer, will write all the episodes. This will be one of those times when the writer will be writing for the screen.

Apart from Julianne and Stephen King, JJ Abrams and Ben Stephenson of Bad Robots Productions will also be the executive producers.

The series falls under thriller category and follows Lisey (Julianne), the lead for two years after her husband dies. Through the course of time, Lisey comes across amazing realities about her husband that she forgot.

‘Lisey’s Story’ is the third for Abram’s Bad Robot at Apple after ‘Little Voice’ and ‘My Glory Was I Had Such Friends’.

Julianne Moore is well known for her work in films and has been nominated for 5 Academy Awards. She won the Academy for best actress for ‘Still Alice’ in 2015.
‘Lisey’s Story’ is Julianne Moore’s first lead TV role.