JuD holds United Nations responsible for attack against Muslims

Peshawar/Islamabad: The Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) has blamed the United Nations for allowing attacks against Muslims.

At a recent Friday sermon in Peshawar, the JuD Amir criticised the UN, saying, “The United Nations is nothing but slave women of infidels. It is a legal organisation which approves the killings of innocent Muslims. We abide by the decisions of this organisation (UNO) and have no interest towards teachings of the Quran.”

He added, “It is certain that those outfits which are not favourite of the UN are also banned in Pakistan. The UN allows attack by infidels against Muslims.”

Spewing venom against the United States, which recently opened its embassy in Jerusalem, the Amir said, “The US’ decision to shift its Embassy to Jerusalem is meant for committing atrocities against Muslims to please the Jews. It is a deliberate act of the US carried on at the beginning of holy month of ‘Ramadan’ with aim to inculcate pain to the Muslims and to mock them. Innocent, unarmed 70-80 youth were massacred and no one raised voice for those.”

The Jihad or holy war was glamourised by the Amir of Jamaat-ud-Dawa while addressing the members of the organisation.

He said, “It is your duty to help Muslims everywhere. It is an obligation to wage ‘Jehad’ to save the victims. ‘Jehad’ and ‘Qital’ (Killings others) is the most important lesson of ‘Quran'”.

In Islamabad also, while addressing Friday sermon, Shafiq ur Rehman, Amir of JuD criticized those who are not following Islamic obligations / Islamic banking system in Quran and alleged that mobile, TV channels, cinema and other entertainment are propagating obscenity among Muslim society.

An unknown speaker also offered ‘in-absentia prayers’ for Muslims killed in Gaza by Israeli soldiers.

He said, “Muslims must learn and raise voice against oppression being committed on Muslims by infidels in Palestine”.

“We must remember oppressed Kashmiri and Palestinian Muslims in our prayers”, he added while chanting anti-Israeli and anti-U.S. slogans after the sermon.