JP flays Naidu’s “real estate madness”; inclines to fight along with Pawan

Loksatta founder-president Dr Jayaprakash Narayan has alleged that pooling of 40,000-50,000 acres of land for Andhra Pradesh capital was an unwanted thought and there was no public interest in it.

In a pressnote, JP said 4,000-5000 acres land was enough for the capital city and warned the Andhra Pradesh government not to commit a mistake similar to Hyderabad city, where all the institutes were placed at one place, in regarding Andhra Pradesh capital city. He said that the pooling of adequate land was good but it was not correct on the part of the Andhra Pradesh government, which was already gathered more than 30,000 acres land, to pool the land forcefully. He said one has to oppose the style of collecting the land from several villages and there was a meaning in case the government collected the land here and there.

JP said that it was not proper on the part of the government to collect the land from small farmers and marginal farmers and assign the same land to the affluent. Demanding that the Andhra Pradesh government stop the “real estate madness” immediately, JP said the government is for the development of all sections of the people. He said that it was not proper on the part of the government to ask the subsidy for industries under the CRDA limits and asked the government as to what do in case of 1000 km coastal area, Rayalaseema and North Coastal Andhra areas. He alleged that concentrating all industries at one city, which will have 1.3 crore population, was a not a good idea. “It is a bad idea of the government and the proposal is meaningless”, he alleged. He said the development has to spread in all districts. He wished to fight for the comprehensive development of the Andhra Pradesh State along with the Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan to protect the farmers’ interests. (NSS)