Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai heckled by aggressive Modi supporters in Bengaluru eatery

BENGALURU: A video of senior TV journalist Rajdeep Sardesai being harassed by the PM Modi supporters is going viral on social media platforms.

The viral video was shot while Sardeshai, currently in Bengaluru to cover the upcoming assembly elections was having his meal at Richmond Circle restaurant in the City.

while he was eating food, the aggressive fans of PM Modi and BJP drew straight to Sardeshai and shouted “Modi, Modi” and “You are born in India, don’t hate Hindus.”

A Twitter user, Girish Alva proudly posted a disturbing 5-second video calling Sardesai’s heckling by BJP supporters.

He wrote, “Rajdeep’s Madison Square Moment in BLR Today” During breakfast in a Richmond Circle restaurant, unknown angry techie shouts at him: Techie: You are born in India, dont hate Hindus. Rajdeep: Don’t you hv any decency. Techie: You dont have decency. U spread so much crap in news!” The tweet with the video can be seen below:

After the video of the incident gone viral on social media, angry reactions from journalists.

Veteran journalist Shekhar Gupta wrote, “Shocked at the harassment of @sardesairajdeep at a BLR restaurant. That the offender is a well-heeled techie reminds us decency or lack of it has nothing to do with social status. The poorest in remotest places have strong views but welcome & engage with journalists.”

Sardesai, currently with the India Today Group as its consulting editor tweeted,  “Thanks my friend! What these guys won’t tell you is how everyone in restaurant came up and said sorry, these ‘goons’ don’t represent Bengaluru or India sir! There is hope!👍


Sardesai in response to another Twitter user said, “Arre sir, thanks by it’s ok. Occupational hazard. Phir Subah hogi!”