Journalist files complaint against actor Salman Khan

MUMBAI: A written complaint was filed against Bollywood actor Salman Khan for allegedly snatching a phone of a local journalist for capturing the video of the actor.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning, at Linkin Road under the jurisdiction of DN Nagar police in Mumbai when Salman was headed towards Yash Raj Studios.

The complainant identified as Ashok Shyamlal Pandey said to have taken the permission to shoot videographed the actor cycling on the streets. But the actor ended up snatching the phone.

“We asked his bodyguard for permission to shoot a video to which they agreed without any objection. While shooting, Salman Khan instructed his bodyguards and they jumped approached our vehicle and pushed my colleague who was filming Salman Khan on his cellphone. Followed by this, Salman Khan came and snatched our cellphones even after I informed him that I am a journalist.”

‘We were about to dial 100, the helpline number, to inform the police about the matter but he returned our cell phones.’ the letter further stated.

Going by the reports, a counter-complaint was also submitted by the actor’s bodyguard against the complainant stating that he was following the actor and trying to shoot a video without his permission.

Here’s a copy of the complaint:

Pic courtesy/Faizan Khan