Joining hands with Cong to revive secular forces: Deve Gowda

Mangaluru (Karnataka): Former Prime Minister and JD(S) chief HD Deve Gowda on Sunday said they have agreed to join hands with Congress to revive secular forces, adding that the two parties will finalise seat-sharing very soon.

“Our base is eroded now. If we sincerely, without any misunderstanding, take this as a challenge to fight parliament election, then we can bring down the influence of BJP in this coastal district. This is the reason because of which I have decided to join hands with Congress. We are going to share the seats, that is going to be finalised in next week or ten days, without giving any scope for differences to fight the battle to win down BJP’s numerical strength. That’s the main aim to fight,” he told ANI.

On being asked of his aspiration for the prime minister post, Gowda said, “Aspiring for the post of the prime minister is not important. Our country is facing problems today. The atmosphere of secularism is spoiled by BJP. I have an experience of 58 years in public life and I believe that collectively, secular forces must come forward forgetting all differences.”

Earlier on February 28, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy had said that if the Congress and JD(S) alliance win at least 20-22 seats in Karnataka, then a Kannadiga can once again become the next Prime Minister of the country, in a veiled reference to his father.

There are 28 seats at stake in Karnataka, out of which the BJP currently holds 16 seats while the Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) hold 10 and 2 Lok Sabha seats, respectively.