John Legend to spend Father’s Day without children

Washington: American singer John Legend will miss this year spending Father’s Day with children at home as the singer has a hectic schedule this summer.

The 40-year-old singer spoke to People and said that because of his work demands, he won’t be able to spend the holiday with his daughter Luna, 3, and son Miles, 13 months, like he had been doing since the previous years– but putting on his thinking caps , the singer is planning to do something special with wife Chrissy Teigen.

“Last year we did a big thing. We did a big brunch with the family and Chrissy took me out to Napa Valley for dinner at French Laundry. It was a beautiful day,” he shared.

“This year, we have to fly to France for work,” he added.

“We’ll be at Cannes Lions [International Festival of Creativity] next week and Chrissy and I both have to be there,” the singer continued to say. “So we’ll spend Father’s Day together but the kids will still be in LA.”
During the five-day long festival, the Grammy award-winning singer will be seen speaking on the panel “Reimagine Creativity Through Love and Humanity.”

Legend is also expected to perform in France, according to Variety.

Though the singer is on an official visit to France, he thinks that his recent family vacation to Europe, in addition to some others trips that are planned for the coming months, will make up for the occasion of father’s day for his kids.

“We had a great vacation [to Paris and Italy]. It was so much fun,” the singer said. “[This summer] is gonna be fun.”

“We’re going to Cannes Lions; that’ll be exciting. We’ve got a couple of more trips planned with the kids,” Legend said. “One more to Europe and one to Asia. It’s gonna be pretty fun, busy summer.”

Adding further, the singer said, “In between all of that, I’m gonna be writing some songs and then taping some episodes of The Voice too!”

The vacations are more of family time and relaxation for the singer who will be seen spending time with his toddler child Luna.

“She was really aware of what was going on and able to take it in more and truly enjoy it. It was a new milestone in our vacationing,” Legend explained to People.

“She was really aware that we were in a new place and enjoying the culture,” he adds. “She’s just much smarter and able to enjoy the trip more than she ever had before.”

On the other hand, his 13 months old son may not be as aware as his big sister just yet, but he’s certainly making strides of his own.

“He’s already talking a little bit,” shared the singer.

“He’s so close, he’s grabbing everything. He’s been half-crawl, half-walking … but I think the walking will come soon,” he concluded.