John Boyega doesn’t want to be a director

Los Angeles: Actor John Boyega, who shot to fame as Finn in the latest “Star Wars” film, is happy being a producer, but doesn’t have any plans to helm his own movie.

“I’m cool now, just steady on for me, directing is… I respect directors, I respect what they do.

As a producer you have to rely on the creative vision of your director, but at the same time obviously you are there to help advise and help steer them in the right direction, but actually directing is so much more,” Boyega told entertainment portal Sky News in an interview, reports

“Even as an actor, it’s just so much more so I would have to be qualified for that, properly,” he added.

Boyega starred in and produced the new sequel to the Guillermo del Toro sci-fi movie “Pacific Rim” and revealed that he used his “Star Wars” money to set up his production company UpperRoom Entertainment.

“I always wanted to set up my company but I didn’t because I didn’t have the funds for it. So I waited until that ‘Star Wars’ cheque cleared and a debt was paid – various T-Mobile phone bills – I waited for that to be cleared until I reinvested in myself,” said Boyega.