Joey King slams plane passenger who thought she had cancer

London: The “Kissing Booth” star Joey King slams plane passenger who thought she had cancer because of her bald head and feared contracting it from her

King, who recently shaved her head for a role, revealed on Sunday she was sat beside a plane passenger who thought she had cancer.

The 19-year-old added that the man did not want to sit next to her for fear of contracting the disease, reports

She tweeted: “I’m on a plane and this man next to me literally turned to me with his phone in my face and took a photo of me as if I wouldn’t notice and texted his wife that he’s sitting next to a girl who has cancer (just because I’m bald) and that he is scared to ‘catch it’…Why are people stupid stupid sometimes.

She continued: “I read his text over his shoulder it said ‘some bald chick next to me with cancer coughed and I don’t wanna catch it’ are you joking?”

Earlier this month, she revealed she was cutting off all her locks to take on the role of Munchausen victim-turned-murderer Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

The actress debuted the dramatic new style in an Instagram post that documented the entire buzz cut process.

Captioning the video and accompanying picture of her newly-shaved head, Joey revealed that she will be modeling the look for the next four months, while playing the part of Gypsy Rose for new Hulu true crime series The Act.

“My name for the next four months, is Gypsy Rose Blanchard,” she wrote alongside the post.