Jobless man fathers 15 children, from 13 different women

London, November 30: A jobless Briton who fathered 15 children from 13 different women has turned out to be an embarrassment for his mother as she finds him leading his life quite irresponsibly

Jamie Cumming, branded as “Britain’s most feckless dad” for fathering 14 children has had another child and two more are on the way, the Daily Mail reported Sunday.

The 34-year-old Cumming, from Scotland’s Dundee city, who lives off benefits is even unable to pay maintenance for any of them.

Cumming’s 19-year-old ex-girlfriend gave birth to his latest child, a son, two weeks ago. His current girlfriend, also 19, was due to give birth to another boy Friday night. And, a girl of 17 is understood to be expecting his 17th child in the New Year!

Cumming’s mother, Lorraine, said: “He needs to take some responsibility. He’s an embarrassment and I’m having nothing to do with him.”

He first told his mother and his father Harry he was going to become a dad, aged just 17.

His girlfriend Kelly Dulley gave birth to a little girl in February 1995 and everyone believed the couple would go on to get married.

But Cumming began a relationship with Kelly’s cousin. Their relationship lasted 10 years but the couple struggled to have a baby despite receiving IVF treatment through the NHS.

While they were trying for a baby, Cumming fathered another child with a woman who had given birth to his first son in 1997.

Around the same time, he got another girl pregnant – Kelly’s cousin’s friend.

In November 1998, he fathered another child after a one-night stand with a neighbour’s daughter and less than three years later in July 2001 he became a father again.

Fourteen months later, his sixth child, a boy was born. Occasionally Cumming gives some money to this boy’s mother but does not contribute towards his other children.

A few months later, he fathered his seventh son and shortly after that in 2002 another h woman gave birth to his eighth child.

In 2004, Cumming was in new a relationship which led to birth of three children from it.

By December 2007 Cumming’s 10th child had arrived and five months later his 11th son was born. Cumming also fathered a child with an Australian woman.

Cumming’s relatives have pleaded with him to stop fathering children but they believe he is addicted.