JNTUH made few changes in B.Tech exam this year

Hyderabad: Due to the Corona pandemic, the JNTU Hyderabad has made few changes in B.Tech Exam this year. The B.Tech final semester exam will be held from June 14, 2021.

Some changes have been made to enable students, who were unable to read few units this year, to write their answers to the questions easily.

More choices were given to the students by reducing the number of questions. Unlike, in the past, short questions are being preferred this year.

Earlier, the exam had section ‘A’ and section ‘B’ with 25 and 50 marks respectively. All 25 questions of section ‘A’ were compulsory with each question carrying 1 mark. But, due to the covid-19 pandemic, section ‘A’ has been fully done away with this year.

Similarly, section B with 50 marks had 10 questions with choice to attempt any 5. Each unit carried two questions with an instruction to answer any one. The students had to study all five units.

This time, however, instead of ten questions out of 5 units of section ‘B’, the number of questions have been reduced to 8 with option to write answers for 5. The students can drop 3 questions as per their choice. Without reading few units they can you still pass their exam.

Similarly, like in the past, the paper shall have 75 marks with each question carrying 15 marks.