JLR seeks lower GST on premium sedans, SUVs

New Delhi: Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has sought reduction in GST rates on premium sedans and SUVs in order to help the luxury segment grow in the country.

The automaker, as part of its pre-budget expectations, said reduction in taxes and long-term policy for the segment would lead to expansion of the premium segment and help create jobs in the country.

“GST is a significant reform that the country needed, and we appreciate the government’s efforts for a smooth transition. However, to operate in any market, carmakers need reasonable tax rates,” JLR India President and MD Rohit Suri said in a statement.

Current GST tax rates at 48 per cent for sedans and 50 per cent for SUVs in the premium segment are extremely high, he added.

“To help expand the market and generate more jobs in this segment of the auto industry, we would urge the government to not only reduce these taxes to reasonable levels, include left out taxes such as road tax etc. Within the GST regime, but also ensure stabilisation/longer term policies and tax regimes,” Suri said.

The Jaguar portfolio in India includes models like XE, XF, F-PACE and XJ while the Land Rover range includes the Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque among others.