JK Rowling returns gesture by reaching out to her fan in J&K

We all know what Authors can do to us. How they hold our hands and walk us through their phenomenal works, they sweep us off our feet into an imaginary world giving us a bundle of joy and happiness. But when it comes to interacting with their fans, you hardly get a chance to hear from them,
but this author JK Rowling is simply exceptional.

This is the story of a 12-year-old from the remote Jammu and Kashmir in the Himalayas an ardent lover of JK Rowling’s work who is immensely impressed by her.

Little did she expect the author would reach her and appreciate her support.

At one point, a fan suffering from depression reached out to her for advice and the author did respond to him.

Harry Porter has become a worldwide phenomenon, that has mesmerized all people from all walks of life be it the younger generation or the older, JK Rowling has won everyone’s heart with her work.

This 12-year-old girl Kulsoom Bano Batt studies in Haji Public School in J&K where a teacher by the name Sabbah Haji was so touched with her essay that she decided to reach out to JK Rowling to let her know about her.

In her essay, Kulsoom had written about how inspired she was by Rowling’s life and Sabbah, in turn, reached out to her. To their surprise, JK Rowling did receive the message and responded in a positive way.

What surprised the teacher was an actual reply from the famous author who wanted to do something in return for this kind gesture by this young girl.

The gracious Rowling replied would like to know the address of the young girl to whom she intends to return her kind gesture.

She simply ended up sending a huge surprise that would make any 12-year-old Potter fan skip her heartbeat along with a handwritten note in the package, that surely blew away the young girl’s mind with excitement and anticipation.

Once the news broke out in the social media of how generously Rowling had appreciated the young girl’s kind gesture, people could not stop raving about the author’s generosity.

And that’s how Rowling does it.