JK Rowling reaches a 12 y/o Kashmiri girl after she writes essay for author

New Delhi: A first generation English learner from Kashmir’s Doda village, 12-year-old Kulsum wrote an essay on renowned British author JK Rowling. Little did she know that the essay would be seen by Harry Potter’s writer.

Kulsum’s teacher Sabbah Haji on April 26 shared a tweet with a screenshot of Kulsum’s essay and tagged Rowling. The essay read: “I am not inspired by J K Rowling only because she writes well but also because she has faced many difficulties but didn’t give up.”

To everyone’s surprise, Rowling read 12-year-old’s essay shared by her teacher at the Haji Public School in Doda, and also asked for her full name. “Please can you send me Kulsum’s full name in DM? I’d love to send her something,” Rowling tweeted.

“Sabbah ma’am told me that J K Rowling had seen my essay and that she had replied. I am so happy. If I get to meet J K Rowling, I will tell her she is wonderful,” Kulsum told The Indian Express. Meanwhile, Sabbah said that the tweet will be framed and preserved at the school.