J&K: Has PDP-BJP alliance come to an end? Parties fear Governor’s rule to be imposed in region

All is not well between J&K CM Mufti and saffron party with their alliance on the brink of ending over the recent Kathua rape and murder incident of an eight-year-old minor girl which saw nationwide outrage against the perpetrators and party for protecting them.

If that were to happen and looking at the mid-term Assembly elections next year, Governor’s rule will be imposed in the J&K valley which would pave a way for Omar Abdullah’s National conference victory in the state.

Several BJP MPs have resigned from Mufti’s government over the issues raised in the region and now the alliance between Mehbooba Mufti-led PDP and BJP is on the verge of dissolution.

BJP’s dream to take over the only Muslim state in India would eventually end with two major dynasties in the region ‘Mufti’s and the Abdullah’s’ reigning the state. As for now the PDP-BJP alliance is safe but lies skeptical.

PDP’s alliance with BJP to form a government in the region led to increase in violence, instability and insurgent-related attacks in the valley with PDP losing its vote bank. The condition grew worst after the death of PDP founder Mufti Mohammed Sayeed’s death in January 2016.

Meanwhile, Mehbooba’s brother Tassaduq Hussain also said something similar indicating at what is being expressed in the region with the party’s alliance.
“PDP and BJP have ended up being partners in crime for which an entire generation of Kashmiris might have to pay with their blood.”

Speaking of the other reigning power in the valley the ‘Abdullas’ since the Independence, three generations of Abdullahs have reigned over the region. J&K since Independence.

But in 2014, PDP founder Mufti had joined the alliance with BJP describing it as an alliance between North and South pole. And this is where everything went wrong according to a former RAW official.

Resentment in Kashmir began with this alliance, with the Mufti’s emerging as enemies to the region.

The Kashmiris’ back then reveals the official felt cheated. They felt Delhi was making efforts to change the valley region, that is their ultimate nightmare. “They feel there is an effort in Delhi to change the character of the Valley. Their ultimate nightmare is that they will be reduced to a minority in the Valley and that is the core of what the present disturbance is about. One thing has led to another.”

To improve the relations in the region, BJP must now accept its failure in the region since it broke its promise to resettle and rehabilitate Kashmiri Pandits along with slow activity in granting funds as promised, for the devastation caused due to floods in 2014.

The civic infrastructure in the state nor the healthcare or the education has been improved as promised by the BJP.

Pakistan, on the other hand, continues its attempts of terrorist infiltration in the region.
The J&K security forces, though have neutralised as many as 250 terrorists from the LeT, JeM and Hizbul Mujahideen groups, infiltrating the region with more terrorist is easy for Pakistani army which has endless supplies of young brainwashed ‘jihadis’ and surprisingly the families of these jihadis are paid in money in-exchange of their sons blood.

When Saudi-Arabia has lifted ban on cinemas in the nation, on the other hand, Srinagar is still cinema-free, which was once had cinemas that would show latest Hollywood and Bollywood flicks.

The generations of Abdullas some had really close relations, while others could not stand the other Political parties.

Jawaharlal Nehru had jailed Sheikh Abdullah for several years while Farooq Abdullah had friendly relations and bond with Rajiv Gandhi — that both the leaders were alleged to have rigged the 1987
J&K Assembly election which led to the insurgency in the state in 1989. That insurgency that began with the hatred sowed in the hearts of Kashmiris is entering its 30th year and will cause a new generation of Kashmiris blood to be shed fears Tassaduq.

Pakistan’s brutal treatment to Kashmiri people in Pakistan occupied Kashmir(PoK) is already open to them and hence they will not seek Pakistan as their alternative.

None of the Kashmiri yearn for Pakistan’s interference as various fringe, terrorist groups such as Hurriyat separatists are just one of the visible faces of the terrorist groups funded by Pakistan.

What will happen next? Governor’s rule will be imposed in the region if the alliance between PDP and BJP ends.