Jitendra Singh inaugurates software defined radio system

Minister of State for Defence Jitendra Singh inaugurated the Software Defined Radio (SDR) system at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s (HAL) Strategic Electronic Research Design Centre (SLRDC) at Hyderabad Friday.

According to an official release, the minister experienced the communication between SDRs. He welcomed HAL’s indigenous development of Softnet Radio for Airborne Communication and Net Centric Warfare and congratulated the company for manufacturing high-end tech-instruments.

HAL chairman R.K. Tyagi said that SDR was the future of communication technologies and would shape the net centric warfare in the years ahead.

He said the development of the system will reduce country’s dependency on foreign suppliers in the critical technology needs of the country.

SDR is based on open architecture with fully configurable software waveforms in L-band and V/UHF band. The Radio development has been completed with legacy waveforms and being integrated on airborne platforms.

HAL’s SLRDC is a primary design centre of excellence for the development of state of the art, indigenous avionics which are installed on fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft like MiG 21, MiG 27, LCA, Jaguar, SU-30, MiG-29, Dornier, Cheetah, Chetak operated by the Indian defence forces. The type of avionics developed at SLRDC are radio communication systems, navigation systems, identification systems, radar systems and omputers.