JioPhone Next to have Android-powered Pragati OS, long battery life

New Delhi: The upcoming JioPhone Next smartphone will house Pragati OS, powered by Android, a Qualcomm processor, long battery life and a powerful camera.

Pragati OS, powered by Android, is a world-class operating system that has been built specifically for India, according to a newly-released short video, titled ‘The Making of JioPhone Next’ film.

The Qualcomm processor on the JioPhone Next aims at delivering optimised connectivity and location technologies along with optimizations in device performance, audio and battery.

The affordable JioPhone Next is built with exciting features like the Google Assistant, automatic read-aloud and language translation for any on-screen text, a smart camera with India-centric filters and much more.

The device will come with Voice assistant to help users to operate the device (Open App, manage settings etc.) and get information/content from the internet easily in a language familiar to them.

It will also come with ‘Translate’ functionality, this will allow users to have any screen translated to language of their choice.

The device will come equipped with a smart and powerful camera that supports various photography modes such as Portrait mode, allowing users to capture great photos with automatically blurred background. The Night mode allows users to capture great photos even under low light.

The device will support all the available android apps which users can download and use on the device via Google Play Store.

In the span of five years, Jio has become a household name in India. With 430 million users, its services span geographies, economic and social classes.

With JioPhone Next, the company aims to take a decisive step towards its vision of democratising digital connectivity in India.