Jio writes to telecoms for sufficient points of interconnection

New Delhi: Still struggling to get enough points of interconnection, Reliance Jio has again written to Vodafone India and Idea Cellular asking them to release sufficient points, as was advised by the regulator.

In two separate letters to the two telecom operators, Reliance Jio said: “In any event, the requisite E1 ports (interconnect points, with technical parameters) projected at 6524 Access E1s and 1531 NLD E1s for 50 million subscribers, past overdue since September 2016, per annexure to this letter be immediately provided no later than two days from the date of issue thereof.”

“Reliance Jio reserves the right to seek expeditious provisioning of E1s, even ahead of the said schedule, of the E1s to be provided are not sufficient to meet the quality of services regulations for the traffic generated on its traffic,” the letter said.

It also said delay or denial in providing the requisite E1s would be a continued breach of the operators’ licence terms.