Jihad, terrorism are different things: NCP leader Tariq Anwar

Mumbai: “Jihad and terrorism are two different things, like the two banks of a river that could never meet,” said NCP leader Tariq Anwar, accusing the BJP-led government of pursuing double standards in categorising violent incidents, which he says is a dangerous trend.

“But the government today, as a matter of policy, categorises the violent act of a Hindu as ‘goondagiri’ while the same of a Muslim as an act of terrorism, and this is a dangerous trend,” he said at a recent seminar on ‘Jihad against Terrorism’, organised in Mumbai by All India Qaumi Tanjim, headed by state NCP functionary Munaf Hakim.

“The home department, instead of doing its duty to establish and maintain peace, is falsely implicating educated youth and branding them terrorists,” Anwar alleged.

He also said that media should bring forth the true meaning of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’ slogan.

On the occasion, All India Marathi Literary Conference president Sripal Sabnis said “those causing misunderstanding among people for political gains and spreading hatred should desist from this”.

“Jihad as discussed in Islam is all about self restraint to control one’s senses and purify the heart and it has nothing to do with terrorism,” he said.

“The true enemies of India are bigots causing breach in the integrity, unity and peace of the nation,” Sabnis said.

Arya Samaj leader and social activist Swami Agnivesh said people want to listen to people speaking of united India.

“If there has to be a Jihad, it should be against poverty and inequality,” he said.

He challenged those who question the contribution of Arya Samaj in freedom struggle. “Give me name of single RSS member who died fighting the British. There were many from Islam who contributed for our country’s freedom.”

“Jihad should be against alcoholism, drugs, and infanticide. Religious bigotry is causing untold harm to the nation,” he said.