Jharkhand: Mob strip and thrash a man for falling in love with an office colleague of other religion, area tense

Jharkhand: In another case of moral policing, a man was stripped and brutally assaulted by an irate mob at Bokaro District of Jharkhand State.

According to the report published in India Today, yesterday, Mohamed Shakir was assaulted for being in love with a girl of other religion. He sustained many injuries. After the assault, the video of the incident went viral.

It is also reported that Shakir, an employee of Pragya Center was assaulted by local residents when they saw him in compromising position with a woman inside the office.

After spotting him in such a position, he was dragged out of office, stripped and taken to market area naked.

Police also faced difficulty in controlling the situation. As per the doctor’s report, he sustained many internal injuries.

After the incident took place, police arrested Mantu Yadav, a local resident and registered an FIR. Heavy police force was deployed in the area to avoid further disturbances.