Jharkhand: Mob brutally assault mentally-ill Afroz by tying him to a tree for allegedly stealing cows

Jharkhand: In a Dhanbad village of Jharkhand, mob brutally assault mentally-ill Afroz for allegedly stealing cows. He was tied to a tree and thrashed.

According to the report published in Hindustan Times, mob mistook 26-year-old Afroz, a resident of Wasseypur to be a cattle thief after he was allegedly seen with three cows.

It is also reported that East Basuria OP in-charge Premchandra Hansda said, “Neither he is a cattle-smuggler, nor he intended to steal the cows”. He further added that villagers mistook him.

According to police, Afroz got injuries on his head, back, feet and neck. They said that Afroz is mentally ill and is a patient of Ranchi Institute of Neuro-psychiatry and Allied Sciences. They further added that the attackers were not gau rakshaks.

After the incident, the police is keeping an eye on social media to avoid any communal tension.

It may be mentioned that since NDA formed the government in 2014, the issue of slaughtering and smuggling of cow came to the forefront. In Jharkhand alone, three incidents took place in the last month in which Muslim men were attacked for allegedly stealing or transporting cow, HT reports.