Jharkhand: Married man’s family hacks girl’s family to death for refusing to accept proposal

Jamshedpur: Refusing to give their minor daughter in marriage to a married man from an influential family led to the assassination of five-member girl’s family hailing from Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum District.

The bloodshed was carried out on 14 March and their decomposed bodies were recovered from a nearby forest.

The victims identified are Ram Singh Sirka (45), his wife Panu Kui, daughter Rambha (17) and sons Kande (12) and Sonya (8) all were brutally hacked to death for refusing the marriage proposal said Tauqir Alam, Additional Superintendent of Police (Kiriburu).

Out of nine accused in the crime, four accused belong to an influential family in the region.

The Police have arrested one of the accused in the crime while the other accused the Police suspects are on the run.

According to Police reports, Ram Singh’s decomposed body was found from a nearby forest, at a 3 km distance away from his home at Tulasai village falling under Gua police station area, on March 27 while the other victims bodies were recovered from another jungle at a distance of 5 kms.

The Police said one of the accused who is a married man wanted to marry 17-year-old Rambha but her father (Ram Singh Sirka) refused to accept the proposal. Angry at proposal’s refusal, the family decided on hacking the whole family to death using sharp weapons and rods. when he was not at home.

They initially killed mother along with the children when Rambha’s father was not at home. After dumping their bodies they returned for Rambha’s father and later hacked him to death as well.

“We have information that eight of the accused fled Jharkhand and police have launched a massive hunt to apprehend them,” Additional Superintendent of Police (Kiriburu) Tauqir Alam added, DC reported.