Jhanvi Kapoor upset about rumours over Ranbir Kapoor

New Delhi: Yesteryears Bollywood diva and veteran actress Sridevi speaking to NDTV, spoke about the stardom and rumours that accompany it in the acting industry.

Reacting to the recent rumour that Jhanvi had followed Ranbir Kapoor, believably her celebrity crush in a showbiz party and how Jhanvi reacted to it, the actress revealed her daughter’s reaction in her Interview with Mumbai Mirror saying Jhanvi was very upset with the rumors and instead said “But mummy, I was with Gauri aunty’ (Gauri Shinde, director of English Vinglish) Jhanvi protested and I told her,’Welcome to my world. If you want to be a part of it, you have to be prepared for all this.”

The 19-yr-old eldest daughter Jhanvi who is yet to make her debut in the industry reportedly with Karan Johar’s movie is now upset over the rumours.

She regular parties and was completely blown away when Ranbir Kapoor greeted her in a Bollywood gathering said the previous reports.

The beautiful actress has been in the industry for more than four decades since she started acting as a child and the by the time she did her first hindi movie in Julie in 1975 she already had a successful acting career in south.

Speaking to NDTV, the actress told the film industry spares no one and “Once we decided to be in this industry we have to be ready for everything. You have to be strong but hard working. No pain no gain,” adding to it and talking about her daughter’s debut she said “Very tensed, this industry has given me so much but it’s tough. She has to work hard.”

Speaking to mid-day, earlier this week Sridevi told that she would have preferred to see Jhanvi married rather than an actress but that she will always be by her side. “She wanted to do the film and initially, I wasn’t in favour. I don’t think it’s a bad industry. I am a creation of this world. But, as a parent, it would give me greater joy to see her married. But her happiness matters more, and if she does well as an actress, I will be a proud mother”.

She says her daughter has won many hearts over the internet with her sense of fashion styles and Jhanvi often styles her. Sridevi will soon be seen in her upcoming movie MOM, reported NDTV.