Jewellery – the what, the where and the how

New Delhi: The trend for sporting one statement-making piece of jewellery is the safest bet that rings true on any occasion.

While one may want to look great, there’s a very fine line between going “over the top” and wearing “too little.”

Jewellery designer Chhaya Jain of Zahav, a couture diamond jewellery brand, has listed down a few tips that can help you rock your trinkets.

1) For a summer brunch: Keeping it casual is the way to go. A light trendy bracelet will fit into your jeans and shirt look or even work well with a pretty dress.

2) For a corporate social: The key to nailing it at an official soiree is to mix your business alter ego with your social time-out one. Opt for jewels that are dainty with just the right amount of dazzle. A pair of classy earrings should do the trick.

3) ‘Meet-the-parents’ look: An ivory pendant is your best bet if you want to work your charm on your future in-laws. An understated pendant will give a sophisticated look. Team it with a classic boatneck monotone outfit and you’re good to go!

4) For a nuptial celebration: Always remember that gold holds a very precious place in the tradition and culture of the country. Fit right in with the most preferred metal of the Indian wedding with a gold and pearl choker that sits close on your collarbone and will complement your lehenga.

5) The ‘everyday’ look: Sport a light piece of jewellery that goes with your everyday outfit, be it western or Indian wear. A simple light bracelet would suit every outfit. One can even sport a nice ring as a statement piece.

6) Valentines day: Let the ring talk for itself! A heart being the ideal symbol of love, what could be better than gifting your better half a beautiful heart-shaped jewellery? (ANI)