Jewellery gifts suited for your friend

New Delhi: Don’t know what to buy your best friend for her birthday? Indulge in different kind of jewellery pieces like three finger rings or a delicate pendant, suggest experts.

Aakash Barmecha, Creative Director at Yoube Jewellery and Radhika Jain, designer at MiRA, have listed a few options:

* Diamond jewellery clubbed with rubies, south sea pearls, and sapphires will always be a safe bet. You could opt for three finger rings, ear cuffs, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

* Feminine flower, heart and butterfly motifs in the form of jewellery is an option for the feminine touch.

* You can customise jewellery as per the design and requirements you think would best define your friend. Gift a personalised chain or mini bracelet with the initial of the name perhaps.

* A single thin silver chain with a small hoop of triangle, or bars, or two layer chains long short will go with any outfits.

* You could always opt for chokers which are available in different materials.

* Pearls are said to be woman’s best friend. You can invest in a string of pearls, elegant drops or a bracelet.