Jewellery to buy for daughters

New Delhi: Go minimalistic when shopping for a jewellery piece as a gift for daughters or brides. Go for American diamond earrings so that they don’t just end up in a locker and consider customised pieces, suggest experts.

Radhika Jain, designer at MiRa and Aakash Barmecha, CEO, Yoube Jewellery have listed a few ideas:

* Material: Daughters and brides of this age have ditched the old jewellery trend of buying gold. They prefer more of silver lining like diamonds or platinum or the new trend of rose gold. Now they are choosing the kind of material which looks elegant, can be worn on regular basis and not just kept in lockers.

* Earrings: Diamond earrings with some metals used will look good on the daughter/ bride of all age. Brides today are opting for imitation jewellery or going for American diamonds for the wedding season, as they can be worn for the different occasions rather than being kept in locker.

* Rings: Thin-layered rings or multi-layer rings fit best for any occasion. Rings can be worn on a daily basis which can remind the daughter/bride about you always.

* Bracelets: Customise bracelets with an initial or small design showcasing love is another best gifting option. Bracelets which are minimal in look are gaining a lot of popularity. They look classy and stylish which can go with traditional as well as western attire for any occasion.

* Necklace: Women are increasingly wearing artificial jewellery or costume jewellery. They prefer going for choker-style necklaces.