Jerry Day urges Americans to launch anti- imperialist movements against US govt.’s unprovoked invasions

Jerry Day in his video which he shared on urged the Americans to wake up and launch anti-war and anti-imperialism movements that could move the mountain of globalist imperialist greed and violence by US government, or else the world will blame the US citizens for the war crimes committed by the US government.

He said, US government is unnecessarily targeting countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yamen, Syria, Pakistan, Turkey and Libya. ‘They are committing war crimes in your name’ he told Americans. It is like ‘I went into your neighbour’s yard, shot their dog and told them that you hired to do so’, he said.

Jerry claimed, ‘they are going into country after country while the mainstream press is strangely silent; they are bombing wherever they want to bomb; killing whoever they want to kill; destroying whatever they choose to destroy, without legal grounds’. Jerry felt that these endless atrocities are inviting more and more terrorism. He fears that Russia, China and all their allies will align against US.

He further added, ‘the kind of war that the united states is conducting is the worst of the worst; one sided bullying; unprovoked invasion; exploitation of other countries resources under the pretext of weaponized political crusades against randomly selected targets. He lamented that innocent population is losing their homes and lives in all these.